Warranty of Expo Display Service

Expo Display Service offers you a unique guarantee on all frames:  unlimited 100% Serviciosi warranty!  

Warranty of Expo Display Service
This warranty applies to repairsi/or replacement of damaged frames of Expofix, Towerfix, Mostradorfix, Expostar, Ecofixi Bannerfix which cannot be used as designed.  Frames that do not function as intended will be repaired or replaced with no questions asked. 

If your frame becomes damaged, we guarantee to repair or replace it at no cost! 

The warranty does not cover loss, intentional destruction, theft, vandalism, fire natural disasters, loss during transportation or cost of transportation toi from  Expo Display Service for repair or replacement. 

The period of warranty applies to all frames purchased after July 1, 2004i will be in effect as long as the frame remains the property of the original purchaser. 

To facilitate our prompt response please forward with your request the PRODUCTO number on the sticker on the damaged frame. 
Any repairs required for items that do not fall under this warranty will be completed at a fair market price. 
These items would include: 

- all graphic work produced for use with the exhibit 
- lightingi carrying casesi bags 
- a
pplicable plastic parts such as showcases, shelves, etc.    
- exhibit accessories
- magnetic struts       

For any questions or repairs please call your local Expo Display Service representative.



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