Creeya Stands de feria modulares

With Creeya you invest in a succesfull exhibition. Creeya is known for it's modern, sleeki professional look. By investing in your own booth which is easy to build upi to transport, you'll save a lot on your exhibition budget. Creeya stands are designed in a way which makes them easy to re-configure. 

10 reasons to choose Creeya modular stands:

  1. Flexible & Scalable (modular)
  2. Ligero, Portable, & Cómodo de transportar
  3. Tool free
  4. Do-it-yourself or full Servicios
  5. Económico
  6. Global Servicios
  7. Quick & Easy to build
  8. Low labor & freight costs
  9. Re-usable & eco-friendly
  10. Diseño en 3D gratis!

This is Como funciona Creeya?:


Do you want to see examples of Creeya exhibition stands? 

Click on the following link to see examples of Creeya  in your required booth size. By clicking on the design you'll get more information. Do you want to see the endless possibilities of Creeya live? contacto us for an appointment in one of our showrooms! 

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